Prices and Availability

Prices do not include shipping and shipping boxes.  Local pick up at the farm is always welcome.  I will also on occasion deliver the birds for a customer if they agree to pay for my gas and travel expenses.  Contact us for more information on shipping.

* We do not currently have a proven pair

WaterFowl for Sale NOW


2016  Individual female Mute Swan  $400

2016 Individual male Mute Swan $400

2013 Individual female Mute Swans $500

Yearling Mute Swans $750/pair

2016  Baby Australian Black swan  $500/ pair

Yearling Australian Black Swan $750/pair

Yearling Whooper Swans – SOLD OUT

Baby Trumpeter Swans -SOLD OUT

Yearling Trumpeter Swans  700 (one Left)

Yearling Black Neck Swans – SOLD OUT


Regular Mandarin Ducks  $100/pair

Extra Adult Male mandarin $50 each

White Mandarin Ducks $250/pair

Adult Wood Ducks $100/pair

Extra Wood Duck Males $50 each


2016 Cape Barren Goose Male $375

2016 Bar Headed Geese $300/pair

2016 Barnacle Geese $150.00/pair

2014 Barnacle Geese $350/pair


Pheasants for sale NOW

2013 Lady Amherst Pheasant pair $150

2016 Silver pheasants, 2 males $30.00 each

2016 Impeyan Pheasants $350/pair

2014 Reeves Pheasants male $40.00

2016 Humes Bar Tailed Pheasant female $60.00

2014 Yellow Golden Pheasant $130/pair


Prices last Updated 12/23/2016

A detailed price list is available here

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Buckeye Birds – Exotic Bird Menagerie – breeds and raises the finest quality exotic birds including Peafowl, Pheasants and Waterfowl.

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