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Black Shoulder Pied Peafowl

India Blue Black Shoulder Pied Peafowl.

This is a india blue peafowl that has both the blackshoulder and the pied pattern mutation.  The males will be like the India blue black shoulder bird but will have varying degrees of white coloration throughout his body and tail feathers.  The pied mutation may be very evident with lots of white color throghout the bird or the bird may be a “dark pied” which will have only a white patch under his throat and some white flight feathers.  Pied birds will produce some pied birds, some dark birds and a few white birds.  The white birds will be split to blackshoulder, which means they will produce some blackshoulder offspring.  The female black shoulder pied female looks like a regular black shoulder female but she has a white throat patch which allowes you to tell she is pied.

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