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Purple Black Shoulder Pied Peafowl

Purple Black Shoulder Pied Peafowl

One of my favorite color mutations.  Purple is a sex  linked color mutation as is the cameo and peach color mutation.  The purple black shoulder male has typical chocolate color that is characteristic of the purple mutation but lacks the barring in the wings since he is a black shoulder bird.  Purple and purple black shoulder males will have a purple iridescence in their neck, this is accentuated when the bird is in the sunlight.  Purple black shoulder hens will have the typical black shoulder mottled appearance of a black shoulder hen but will have more of a brownish hue when compared to an India blue black shoulder hen.

Adult Purple Black Shoulder pied male

Two Purple Black Shoulder Pied females and a purple female that is split to black shoulder and the purple black shoulder pied male

Juvenile Purple Black Shoulder Pied male


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